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January 8, 2007

Pillow Angel Ethics

What kind of doctors would agree to intentionally shorten and sterilize a disabled six-year-old girl to make it easier for her parents to take care of her? The question has had message boards steaming for days, but the answers are in no way easy. (TIME)

3 Responses to “Pillow Angel Ethics”

  1. Corey Nowlin Says:

    the procedures that were used in Ashley’s case were absolutely necessary. at first glance, it is all very bizarre and reeks of an apparent unethical act of laziness and selfishness. however, after reading up on Ashley’s case and learning as much as i could about static encephalopathy, i have come to a different conclusion. without these procedures Ashley’s life would 100% certainly be less comfortable. she would have to deal with menstrual cramps, pains involving her breasts and growth, as well as a larger possibility of abuse or rape. there are negative things about how she has been treated, but the positive vastly outweighs the negative. theres no question about it.

    -Corey H Nowlin-

  2. Wilkens Gilles Says:

    I think what Ashley’s parents did was justified. They were sparing Ashley the pain of going through some of the painful stages of puberty, that she would have not gained any benefit from. The procedure of using the high-doses of estrogen also kept Ashley’s dignity. If she was not given the treatment, no matter how much she grew, she still would’ve had the mind of a child. It is best to keep her at the stage she is in now, then have her acting like a child at the age of thirty.

  3. Nicholo Alba Says:

    I support the parents’ and the hospital’s decision. Fully researching the details about Ashley and her treatment makes everything much clearer. I really don’t understand how some people think that there is anything here that is against her. They think that she should develop physically, and experience the pains of the adult body even though her mind is that of a six-month old’s.


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